Unit 8: Controlling

Direct Questions:

1.     Define controlling
2.     Discuss nature or features of controlling.
3.     Explain Steps/Process of controlling
4.     Explain Management By Exception .Also give example.
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5.     Explain Critical Point control .Also give example.
6.     Discuss advantages of Critical Point control and Management By Exception
7.     Give meaning of Deviation in the context of the process of control
8.     Give examples of causes of deviations and corrective action required to correct those deviation.
9.     Discuss Relationship between Controlling and Planning
10.   Explain Importance of Controlling

Indirect Questions:
1.  ABC Ltd. Is manufacturing auto spare parts on large scale.  The company policy is that 3% of the daily production could be defective. For last two months it is observed that about 10-12% of production is defective. Which function of management is reinsured to correct the above case?
2.  Name the function which reviews the operations in a business unit.
3.  Which principle of management control is based on the belief that “ an attempt to control everything ,may end up controlling nothing”
4.  An ideal control system is the one that checks every bit of performance’. Do   you agree with this statement? Give reasons to support your answer.
5.  "Controlling does not require any process" Comment.
6.  "Planning is prescriptive whereas, controlling is evaluative. "How?
7.  'Planning is looking ahead and controlling is looking back.' Comment.
8.   There are several techniques for measurement of performance. Name any four
9.  Which feature of controlling does it refer to when it is said that controlling is exercised at all levels of management?    
10.  There are two managers Rahim and Pankaj. Rahim is saying that ‘controlling is forward looking’ whereas according to Pankaj ‘controlling is looking back’. Who is correct? Explain why.
11.  Name and explain the concept which suggests that only significant deviations which go beyond the permissible limit should brought to the notice of management
12.  Which function of management ensures work accomplishment according to plan? 
13.  “There is close and reciprocal relationship between planning and controlling”. Do you agree with this? Give reasons in support of your answer.
14.  If planning is done carefully and accordingly other functions of management are going in the right direction, then there is no need of the controlling function of management. Do you agree with the statement? Give reasons in support of your answer.
15.   ABC Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing ready made garments. The target production is 500 shirts per day. The company has been successfully attaining this target until last three months. The actual production has been varying between 400-450 shirts. Which management function is needed to rectify the situation? Write any two features associated with it.

Value based Questions:
1.     An effective system of controlling discourages dishonesty among employees. What values does this statement shows.

2.     Management of company decided to install CCTV Cameras in factory .Workers resisted this decision of management. Identify the step of Controlling in first line. Also identify value reflected in management decision and value ignored by workers.


  1. nature of controlling?

    1. Nature means features
      Therefore nature of controlling includes:
      1.Controlling is goal oriented
      2. Controlling is continuous process
      3. Controlling is pervasive
      4, Controlling is forward looking process
      5. Controlling is backward looking process

  2. are they no techniques of managerial control

    1. Techniques of controlling are not in course

  3. How controlling is blind without planning?

  4. Controlling is blind without planning. If the standards are not set in advance, managers have nothing to control. When there is no plan, there is no basis of controlling.

  5. whether techniques of controlling are included in 2014-15 syllabus

  6. Whether techniques of controlling are in syllabus for 2015-16?

  7. Sir ,u just tell us about what are the topics which are the part of exam. I am hoping for ur reply