Value based questions

The Value based questions will be for 3-4 marks in a question paper of 80 marks.

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Q1 What values are shown or ignored by management in following cases:

a)Management proposes to use  of CFL and LEDs which consumes less electricity than normal bulbs for electricity arrangements for its office and factory

b)A liquor manufacturing company provides liquor to its employees at cheaper rate to motivate  them

c) A soft drink manufacturing company uses dangerous stunts in the advertisement of their product , claiming that it makes user fearless and stronger

d)A company wants to show higher profit and for this depreciation is charged at lower rate.

e)A company engaged in selling spices claims about its purity in advertisement but in the laboratory test found it adulterated.


  1. I really appreciate the way students are able to know the values promoted in each chapter,but my sincere and humble request is that could you also add in a few case study questions for each chapter?