Ch-2(Principles of Management)

Chapter -2: Principles of Management 

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Direct Questions:
1.      Meaning of Management Principles
2.      What is main difference between Management Principles and principles of science
3.      What is difference between Management Principles and techniques of Management
4.      What is difference between Management Principles and values
5.      How are Management Principles derived ?
6.      Discuss Nature/Features of Management Principles
7.      Discuss Significance/Importance of Management Principles
8.      Write brief note on Henry Fayol (Birth place, profession ,major contribution)
9.      Explain  Fayol’s Principles of Management(Explanation ,positive effects and adverse effects on violation)
10.  Write brief note on F.W. Taylor (Birth place, profession ,major contribution)
11.  Define Scientific Management
12.  Explain Principles of Scientific Management
13.  Explain Techniques of    Scientific Management
14.  Give Distinction between Taylor’s Scientific Management and Henry Fayol’s Principles of Management.
Indirect Questions:

1.      Workers should be encouraged to develop and carry out their plans for improvements.” Identify the principle of management formulated by Fayol.
2.      The production manager of Bharat Ltd. instructs a salesman to go slow in selling the product, whereas the marketing manager is insisting on fast selling to achieve the target. Which principle of management is being violated in this case? State the consequences of violation of this principle.
3.      Hina and Harish are typists in a company having same educational qualifications. Hina is getting Rs. 3,000 per month and Harish Rs. 4,000 per month as salary for the same working hours. Which principle of management is violated in this case? Name and explain the principle.
4.      Which principle of management envisages that each group of activities having the same objectives must have one head and one plan? Explain the principle with a suitable example.
5.      If an organisation does not provide the right place for physical and human resources in the organisation, which principle is violated? What are its consequences?
6.       Name and explain the technique of Taylor which is the strongest motivator for a worker to reach standard performance.
7.      The production manager of an automobile company asked the foreman to achieve a target production of 200 units (scooters) per day. But he did not give him the authority to requisition tools and materials from the stores department. Can the production manager blame the foreman if he is not able to achieve the desired target? Explain briefly the principle relating to the situation.
8.      A principle of management states that the work should be divided into small tasks as it leads to specialisation and increased output. Name and explain the principle with an example. State two adverse effects if this principle is not followed.
9.      The directors of Bhupender Ltd., an organisation manufacturing computers, want to double the sales and have given this responsibility to their sales manager. The sales manager has no authority either to increase the sales expenses or appoint new salesmen. Hence, he could not achieve this target. Is the sales manager responsible for not achieving the target? Explain, in brief, the relevant principle in support of your answer.
10.        It has been observed that the prevailing situation in an organization is due to the violations of the principle of ‘order’. What might have been your observation?
11.  Identify the technique of scientific management which are described by the statement given below:-          
       i.    When specialists supervise each worker.                                                                                                             
       ii.   Change in the attitude of workers and management towards one another. From competition to
 iii.   When uniformity is introduced in materials. Machine, tools, method of works and working
conditions after, due research.
12.  Taylor’s techniques of management are universally applicable. Do you agree? Give reasons in support of your answer.
13.  One of technique given by F.W. Taylor violates principle given by Henry Fayol. Identify that and explain.
14.  One of technique given by F.W. Taylor is extension of   principle given by Henry Fayol. Identify that and explain
15.  Name two new management techniques developed on the basis of Principles of Management
16. Why it is said that management principles are evolutionary in nature?

Value based Questions:
  1. Manager of an organisation knows that newly appointed worker belongs to the reserved category and he always undermines that employee’s performance. Identify the Fayol’s principle which is violated and also list values ignored.
  1. Mudit is continuously shifted from one job to another in an organisation without giving him adequate time to settle down in any department. Identify the Fayol’s principle which is violated and also list values ignored.
  1. Suresh is working under supervisor Ramesh. Suresh always give useful ideas which have resulted in gains for organisation but Suresh never acknowledges him and he also use to take credit for suggestions given by Ramesh. Which Principle of management is being violated and what values are ignored by Ramesh and what will be the consequences.
  2. Mohan always comes 1 hour late in the office and leave half an hour before the scheduled time. No penal action is taken against him. Other employees also started coming late in the office. Management is very disturbed with this and has started scolding the employees.
    (a) Which management principle is being violated in the given case?
    (b) Explain the principle.
    (c)  Mention one probable adverse consequence of violation of the given principle
    (d) State the value being ignored by employees in above case
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Take print of this worksheet and fill it to check your knowledge of Management Principles

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Also Try this worksheet to check your knowledge of identifying Fayol's Principles from given Statements

Acronym to remember Name of 14 principles of management given by Henri Fayol : Click here 


  1. what is the answer to ?
    One of technique given by F.W. Taylor is extension of principle given by Henry Fayol. Identify

  2. what is d answer to ques.15 two scientific techniques based on principles of management

    1. Just in Time (JIT)
      Lean Manufacturing
      (there explanation is not in your course ,but you should know their names)

  3. which principle states that subordinates should respect their superiors and obey their orders

  4. the biography of taylor and fayol is in the syllabus?

    1. Read the biography of Taylor and Fayol but remember their Birthplace ,Profession and contributions.

  5. 3rd value based answer's technique ??

  6. Principle of management is being violated in given situation is "Cooperation not Individualism " given by F W Taylor and Principle of " Initiative" given by Henry Fayol

  7. This is awesome. Thanks :)

  8. what are the consequences of order in que 5?

  9. answer to 7 que.

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