1.      Define Staffing
2.      Discuss importance of staffing
3.      What are Specialised duties and activities of human resource management ? click here for answer
4.      Is staffing and HRM same or different?
5.      Explain staffing process
6.      What do you mean by work load analysis
7.      What do you mean by work force analysis
8.      Differentiate between Recruitment and Selection

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9.      What are various sources of internal recruitment
10.  What are advantages  and disadvantages of internal of sources of recruitment
11.  What are various sources of external recruitment
12.  What are advantages  and disadvantages of external  of sources of recruitment
13.What are steps of selection process
14.  Differentiate between Training and development
15.  Discuss advantages of Training and development to organisation and employees
16.  Differentiate between On the job and Off-the-job methods of training
17.  Explain following methods of training in detail-Induction training, vestibule training, apprenticeship training and internship

Indirect Questions:
1.      “External sources of recruitment are better than internal sources of recruitment,” Do you agree with this statement? Give four reasons in support of your answer.
2.      “It is a process of increasing knowledge and skills”. It is a process of learning and growth.” Identify two concepts and differentiate between them
3.      “An organisation can achieve its objectives only when it has the right persons in the right      positions.” In the light of this statement, identify the management function and explain any four points highlighting its  importance .                   
4.       “There is no need of staffing as so many people are available in the market these days.” Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons.

5.  Why  is staffing considered as both a line as-well as a staff activity ?

6.  It implies introducing the selected employees to other employees and familiarizing him with the rules and policies of the organization. Name it.

7.  Himesh is working as a supervisor in a company. Due to his hard work he is promoted to the post of Production Manager. Now the post of supervisor is vacant and no one can be transferred or promoted to this post. Name the source of recruitment the company will use to fill up this post. State any three advantages of using this source of recruitment.


      Which source of requirement is needed to bring new blood in the organization? Explain any three advantages of this source.

       8. It is the process of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job. It refers to the learning opportunities designed to help employees grow .Which two processes are referred   here. Identify them and differentiate between them

      9. The quality of Production is not as per standards. On investigation it was observed that most of the workers were not fully aware of the proper operation of the machinery.What could be the way to improve the accuracy?

     10. An organisation provides security services. It requires such candidates who are reliable and don’t leak out the secrets of their clients. What step should be incorporated in selection process?

     11. A company is manufacturing paper plates and bowls. It produces 100000 plates and bowls each day. Due to local festival, it got an urgent order of extra 50,000 plates bowls. Advise how the company will fulfill its order and which method of recruitment would you suggest.

Value based Questions:
  1. Name values which management follows when it arranges for training and development programmes for employees.
  2. The unsatisfied workers of reputed company had beaten General Manager and put factory ablaze. Which values are ignored by workers


  1. whats the answer to VBQ 2

  2. Values ignored by workers
    1.Humanity - As workers have beaten General Manager
    2.Concern for Organisational goals - As workers put factory ablaze

  3. q4 indirect question we hv to write importance?

    1. Yes but start you answer like this " I do not agree with this statement because of following reasons :- Then write points of importance

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  5. question 4 of indirect what is the answer