Sample Paper issued by CBSE for year 2018-19

Dear Students

CBSE has released sample paper for class XII and same can be downloaded from the link


You can also download Sample Paper with Marking Scheme for Business Studies and Accountancy  from the Link given below :

The Changes brought in style of paper is positive as now students will be getting internal choice which was not there before

Following internal choices are there :

  • 3 questions with choice in 1 Markers (Section A)
  • 2 questions with choice in 3 Markers (Section B)
  • 2 questions with choice in 4 Markers (Section C)
  • 1 question with choice in 5 Markers (Section D)
  • 1 question with choice in 6 Markers (Section E)

Videos of Staffing chapter

Dear students

Kindly check the video by me explaining chapter -7( Staffing)
There are 3 videos covering entire chapter
These Videos are recorded at NCERT ,Delhi
For detailed notes of this chapter : Click here 

Application of Maslow's need hierarchy theory in movie Bhaag Milkha Bhag

Dear students
Check this video to see the Application of Maslow's need hierarchy theory in movie Bhaag Milkha Bhag. This video is made by students of DPS Vasant Kunj ,Delhi.
Maslow's need hierarchy theory is part of motivation topic in chapter 7 (Directing)

Check the link below to get detailed explanation :
Click here 

How to draw a label of the product .

This video covers the explanation of the question asked in board paper ,where student is required to draw a label of the product .

Chapter : 11 (Marketing Management)

‘An important task in the marketing of goods relates to designing the label as it provides useful and detailed information about the product.’
In the light of the above statement draw a label for a ‘liquid soap’ and highlight the important information to be provided on it.  
 5 Marks   (CBSE 2010)

Hand drawn Mind Map of chapter - 3 (Business Environment)

I have already discussed about use and utility of  Mind maps for Business Studies 
After completing chapter ,if you are able to draw mind maps ,you will get a clear idea of all the topics and sub topics of the chapter.
Mand maps can be hand drawn or can be made with help of computer .

Check the image below of mind map of chapter- 3 (Business Environment ) made by Tenzin

Do check arrows drawn between Topic :Impact of government policy changes on business and industry 
                                                     Topic : Managerial response to change in business environment 
It gives you an idea of how managerial response is linked to the impact of change in government policy 

Must watch video based on Financial market

Dear students

Please watch this interesting video given below based on chapter 10 (Financial Market) .
It covers the basics of financial market , working of Dmat Account and SEBI .

This video is edited version of  video of  NSE’s ‘Get Started in the Market’ aired on NDTV PROFIT & NDTV 24x7